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Sporting Goods

Whether you manufacture NFL shoulder pads, chin straps, snowshoes, footballs, or yoga straps, BioThane Coated Webbing has a strong, flexible, abrasion resistant, easy-to-clean solution for you. Our material can be as narrow as the lace on a football, as adjustable as a helmet chinstrap, or as durable as shoulder pad straps.

BioThane coatings can be welded, sealed, or sewn to easily attach to another surface or hardware. With a wide range of production capabilities, BioThane can customize a product for your specific sporting goods application.

BioThane’s fabrication department can help with your manufacturing processes as well. From heat transfer logos to sewing and assembling finished chin cups, BioThane can deliver a finished, packaged product. Learn more about the following fabrication services which are particularly popular for sporting good applications:

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