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RF Welding

The list of possible applications for BioThane Coated Webbing is endless.

One of the biggest advantages of BioThane Coated Webbing is that it can be RF welded and does not require sewing.

During the RF (radio frequency) welding process, the coated surfaces bond together to create a strong connection. This weld is typically both more durable and cleaner than stitching because it does not require any perforation through the webbing or finished product.

BioThane has multiple RF welding machines and extensive experience with welding BioThane coated webbing. With this expertise, BioThane can develop welded products that have been optimized for strength and appearance. BioThane’s team of engineers develops tooling tailored to specific products and applications, and can include logos, lot numbers, dates, or additional customized features.

Contact BioThane today and let’s get started on your custom welded product!

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