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Laser Cutting

The list of possible applications for BioThane Coated Webbing is endless.

With almost 20 square feet of cutting area, BioThane’s CO2 laser is capable of precision cutting or engraving any shape or design in both coated webbing and sheeting products.

Laser cutting is a great option for low-volume production parts that need completely sealed precise cut outs and ends, or for parts that need intricate and permanent artwork. One of the biggest benefits of the laser cutter is its prototyping capabilities — you can cut or engrave any shape or design without any tooling costs or requirements.

BioThane also has a smaller fiber laser perfect for etching or engraving a part with a logo, lot number, or any other intricate design. The only limit with the lasers is your imagination! Contact BioThane with your artwork and get started today.

Wondering what products work best in laser cutting? Check out BioThane’s TPU products here.

Ready to get started?

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